L'Aquila, 2009
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KINTSUKUROI 10 years ago a terrible earthquake struck an Italian city, L’Aquila. In the night between 5 and 6 April 2009 a quake with a magnitude 5.9 killed 309 people, wounded 1,600 and left 70,000 without a home. I lived in L’Aquila before earthquake and I am particularly attached. In all these years I never wanted to photograph it, I couldn't add anything to all the photos, the stories and the pain already seen. In my own way I have decided to tell it only now, this is a very small preview. I started from the idea of the ancient Japanese art of "Kintsugi", the art of repairing with gold, an extraordinary metaphor. I filled the cracks and wounds using a fragile gold leaf. For each photo, I spent time and care, I wanted to make the history and healing process of this city precious. We need to start from the wounds and scars to be reborn, not to hide our history, to take the time to absorb the pain, work through mourning and repair pieces of our existence,as this art teaches.